A Coffee Table for Fall + My Changed View on Decor


September 2, 2022

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Earlier this week I changed the decor on my coffee table for this coming season. I wanted it to represent the feeling of fall (natural, cozy, and layered). After all coffee tables are at the center of our living spaces so shouldn’t what we display be noteworthy?

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If I’m being honest in years past, I simply added things I thought went well together and moved on.

Not this year though. This year felt different. I looked at my coffee table as essentially an oversized mood board for autumn.

Mood boards are meant to play on your sense. So keeping that in mind I choose decor elements that evoked a natural, cozy, layered feeling.

A simple arrangement of amaranthus in a worn vintage vase, bundles of dried sage, and a raw rattan basket to keep things natural. Consider replacing your bright whites with natural linen-colored decor, and swapping out those hydrangea blooms for fall-colored stems in rust, orange, and muted greens.

Nestling decor closer together and soft candlelight is reminiscent of a warm hug while bringing in texture with suede-covered links for that extra hint of coziness. Swap out the fresh floral scents for woodsier candles, and add accents of wood and brass.

Finally adding in layers. I staggered my decor and stacked coffee table books with smaller decor for a more organic look versus the traditional quadrant method I have used before. Adding dimension to your table with varying heights goes a long way. Use larger vases with reaching stems, coffee table books, and pedestals to highlight small decor, and baskets or bowls filled with seasonal items, such as dried leaves or collected acorns.

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So this autumn, look at your table as the season’s presentation. What reminds you of fall? What feelings are evoked from changing leaves and crisp mornings? Use that thought and run with it, and you’re sure to nail it every time!

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