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January 10, 2022

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A new year commences and we’re filled with a fresh perspective and an outlook of hope for endless possibilities. It’s funny how the turning of a calendar page suddenly brings on a desire for goals, organized spaces, and a change of scenery.

However, when you sit back and think about taking this new year to full advantage, it can be quite overwhelming. To get you started this January, here are a few suggestions to jumpstart those New Year’s resolutions.


A fresh new playlist to energize you while you tackle those to-do lists you may have been putting off!


Your home can feel empty and cold after the tree comes down, but there’s something so refreshing about a blank canvas. Creating a cozy winter home is easy with a few added touches.

Ensure an inviting lounge by adding extra layers of textiles. I love draping a throw over the sofa arm or filling a basket with blankets in arm’s reach for those chilly nights throughout the month.

Perk up your pillows to update your sofa. Adding in touches of blue to mix with your winter greens is a simple way to transition from Christmas and embrace the new season’s colors. If your current pillows are looking a bit tired, consider investing in new pillow inserts. I love the comfort and look of a down-filled pillow.

Textiles Perfect for Layering


The comforting feeling of the family room seems to disappear with the twinkle lights and constant fires as December comes to a close. Lighting plays a strong role in the coziness of a home.

Consider all your lighting options throughout your home: overhead, lamps, and candles.

Setting a timer on your tabletop and bedside lamps can ease the loss of daylight throughout the winter months. Since most overhead lighting is utilitarian in nature, the soft glow of accent lighting is sometimes all you need for a cozy atmosphere.

Burning a candle can create an inviting ambiance in any home. Candlelight can transform those cold, dark nights into an environment begging for quiet conversations. I love to fill my kitchen with warm scents of a flickering flame.

My Favorite Winter Candles


The fresh energy of a new year is often accompanied by a desire to round up an arsenal of cleaning supplies and organize those forgotten linen closets.

Home-keeping is an art in itself, and something I think all of us aspire to. If you’re like me, you probably forget when to change out your air filters or maybe even when the last time was you changed the bedsheets in the guest room.

I’ve recently been reviewing the use of a day planner and a few applications on my iPhone to help manage my home like a professional.

The Home Planner by Passionate Penny Pincher is perfect for those that still love the tangible agenda and the satisfaction of checking off your to-do list. Each week has repeated home-keeping tasks along with one whole-house chore that often is overlooked or missed, such as organizing your linen closet or backing up your devices.

For the technology-driven homeowner, the apps Upkept and Sweepy are user-friendly and have a free or paid version for users.

The Upkept app is an all-in-one app for maintaining your home inside and out. Upkept keeps warranty and maintenance reports on your personal appliances along with reminding you of household maintenance tasks with step-by-step instructions, such as how to clean your dryer vent or perform a fireplace safety check.

Sweepy is an app for tips and tricks for keeping your home clean. The app creates a list of chores designated for each room in your home, sends reminders prioritizing cleaning tasks, and makes cleaning suggestions for time allotments.

Whether you’re striving for a more organized home this year or just want to stay on top of your weekly cleanings, scheduling is the key to success.


A new year signifies the setting of goals for just about everyone. The past few weeks, I’ve been analyzing my accomplishments for 2021 and planning for successes in 2022.

There’s little doubt that self-help books assisted in my work ethic and quarterly push this past year. Some of my favorite reads packed a big punch and were worth the investment.

Here are a few of my favorite reads this past year.

Keep those winter blues away by cozying up under a well-placed throw and enjoying one of my January picks for reading while a warm candle burns in a fresh, clean kitchen.

Until next time you can follow along with daily inspiration and happenings in my home on Instagram!

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