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January 23, 2023

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No matter your design style, whether it be rustic, modern, transitional, or colonial there are foundational decor pieces that every home needs. I refer to these essentials as capsule decor. These are pieces that you reach for time and time again.

If you’re feeling stuck designing a particular space, or you want to take your styling up a notch consider investing in these essential pieces.

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Preserved Ferns | Santorini Vase | Books

Today I’m taking a deep dive into coffee table books.

I used to think coffee table books were a waste of money, but now I honestly can’t picture styling a console table or nightstand without them! They are the most utilized piece of capsule decor I own. Stacked to create height for a candle, lined up in my glass front cabinets, or leaning against cutting boards as art in my kitchen, I use them in every room.


If there’s one thing I wish product images included, it would be the spine of books without the jacket. I tirelessly search google images for a glimpse of a book’s spine. When it comes to a beautiful spine on a coffee table book Kinfolk takes the cake. The spines of all their books, with or without the jackets, are beautiful. Large bold print against a linen cover.

Coffee Table | Magnifying Glass | Aged Vase | Clay Beads | Basket | Preserved Ferns


Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style along with Atlier’s Interiors and Houses are the known for their overal size. These design books create a great base for stacking or using as a tray to display other pieces of decor, such as candles or links.


It is no secret Amber Lewis is among the top designers, and her book Made For Living has been a number one best seller since it’s release in 2020. The wealth of information she shares makes this my absolute favorite read, and my go-to handbook for all things inteirors.

Pillow | Brass Vase | Dried Star Flowers


Pacific Natural at Home by Jenni Kayne and Homebody by Joanna Gaines give the most detailed images of their spaces. Both books offer still photography at multiple angles of the same room. As the reader you truley get the impression you are immersed in their homes and spaces they’ve designed. It is as close to a virtual tour as you can get.

Using coffee table books as inspiration, its imortant to me to see a space from all angles. Paint colors, textiles, and furniture look different from different angles. This helps with everything from visualization for wall colors to spacial awareness when it comes to arranging furntiure.


Jean Stoffer’s Establishing Home is a great read if you’re looking for a good storyline. She pulls back the curtain and shares her journey in becoming a designer while stressing the importance of family, raising children, and patience. I love that she includes so much of her personal life while sharing her tips on finding your own style.


Gathering Setting the Natural Table by Kristen Caissie is my source for all things entertaining. From floral centerpieces to table setting to plating, this book shares inspiration for each season. I love that she includes seasonal fruit, flowers, and one of a kind pieces in her table styling.

Book | Candlesticks | Candles | Brass Bowl


I’ve learned over the years that when a space or vignette feels incomplete its because it missig something that tells a story, something old. Including vintage pieces, such as vases, furniture, or even books, create a lived in feel to any space. I love using vintage art books. The Complete Works Series of Michaelangelo, Rembrant, and Raphael have beautiful neutral hardbacks under their jackets.

Cutting Board | Cookbook | Wooden Spoons | Butter Dome

Whether your styling a console table, a coffee table, open shelves or a glass front cabinet, coffee table books are a staple. I absolutely love curling up and flipping through the pages. Coffee Table books are beautiful, inspiring, and ultimately one of my capsule decor pieces that I couldn’t live without!

If you’re looking to add a few new books to your stash or level up your styling, here are my recommendations that I’m sure you’ll love too!

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