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November 23, 2021

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It’s the season to deck your halls…

with the season’s most beloved evergreens. I’ll be sharing which seasonal greens I’m using this year along with the ease of bringing the outdoors in for cohesive holiday decor around your home.

Mixing artificial grennery with real evergreens adds texture.


There are so many greenery options for holiday decorating it can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If there’s one thing I’ve learned to create a cohesive holiday decor, and a home for that matter, it’s consistency.

Each year I choose three types of seasonal evergreens to spread throughout my home. This year I am decorating with Norfolk pine, Cedar, and English Boxwood.

Why only three? For two reasons.

Repeating your greenery throughout your home would be similar to repeating a color palette. It brings each room together with a similar element.

Furthermore, three allows for a layered look while adding depth and interest. Think of your greenery as a bouquet. A bouquet of all white roses is beautiful, but toss in fresh eucalyptus and some green hypericum berries and you’ve just elevated your centerpiece.

I treat my greenery, whether fresh or faux, the same. Norfolk pine is beautiful, but adding the interest of the darker leaves from the boxwood and the fullness cedar branches can bring and you’ve created a gorgeous layered foundation.

A basket tray filled with cedar stems and extra ornaments makes for a beautiful centerpiece.


You can display greenery throughout my home. Sometimes it will take center stage as the focal point and other times use it as an embellishment. That’s the best part of using greenery for decor.

Create a thick garland to swag across your mantle. I use primarily faux greenery around my home, but the English Boxwood is cut from my backyard. When using real greenery, be mindful that the added heat from the fireplace will dry your greens out. In some cases like boxwoods, it will not alter the appearance, but when using real cedar, it will brown and become brittle.

Garland can also be used as a table runner in your dining room. Layering strings of cedar and pine down the center of my table always makes it feel so grand. Tuck in a few candlesticks and your choice of accents, like reindeer figurines or pinecones, and you have a simple no-fuss tablescape.

Using greenery as an embellishment is just as pretty. Drape it across a mirror, tie a sprig to the back of a chair, or place a few stems in the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to display small pieces throughout your home.

Repeating your greenery throughout your home in large and small doses creates a cozy and festive display for the holidays.

You can keep real stems watered while adding a sweet holiday touch to your guest bath.
Garland makes for a festive table runner.


We all know that there’s no ideal time to sell a home. If you happen to be listing your home throughout the holidays, decorating with greenery is a no-intrusive way to still make your home feel festive.

In most cases, your realtor has encouraged you to keep your holiday decor to a minimum with potential buyers viewing your home. You’ve taken down your family pictures and replaced them with more neutral decor, but what about the merriest season.

You don’t want to miss decorating your tree or hanging your stockings. Using greenery throughout your home is a great alternative to pulling out that tiny village or the inflatable Santa for the front yard.

Greenery still boasts of the merriest season without all the glitter and glam. Still decorate your tree and hang your stockings, but consider using greenery in all the other places to keep you from having to unpack and pack extra boxes during your listing period.

Whether you use real or faux, your holiday decor can be cohesive by repeating greenery throughout your home. Drape it across your mantle or set a small vase with stems in your bathroom; subtle touches in each room create a festive dispaly.

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