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January 21, 2022

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They say first impressions are everything…

Your entryway is your first impression. Whether you have a small or large entryway, designing a space that is welcoming and functional is key.

The entryway is the first glimpse into the style of your home. Having a welcoming space that also provides ample storage can be easier said than done.

With a few styling ideas and organizational tips, you can create a perfect entryway design.

The console table seen here was a DIY based off the entryway table at the SM Ranch House and the Budi Table from Shoppe Amber Interiors. You can make your own by following the tutorial in my saved highlights on Instagram!


Start with a strong base. Depending on the size of your entryway, ground your space with either a console table or a narrow side table. Placing a table in your entryway gives an anchor for your design and elevates function.

Look for a table that has drawers or doors. Small drawers are useful for transitioning from your car to home by creating a place for keys and other small items. Doors are useful for concealing shoes, purses, and even gifts.

My Favorite Console Tables

Pictured here is the Loloi Loren Runner in Charcoal/Multi


Define your space with a rug. A rug not only adds warmth and texture but functionality for a high traffic area.

In an open-concept home, the entryway is often a part of another room, using a runner to define your entrance will create a clear boundary for your space.

In a traditional foyer, an area rug lays the perfect foundation for your design and can bring in your personal style along with defining a place to gather.

Textural Woven Rugs

Pictured here Target Threshold’s Large Ceramic Table Lamp in Gray


Create ambiance with lighting. Adding multiple lighting options creates a cozy atmosphere. A well-lit space with overhead lighting is perfect for function, but don’t forget to incorporate low lighting as well.

Depending on your personal style and the space allotment, mounting a pair of wall sconces, displaying an oversized table lamp, or layering an eye-catching floor lamp are all sure to make your guests feel welcome.

Illuminate Your Space

Pcitured here Round Metal Sana Mirror from World Market.


Direct the eye with a large mirror or large piece of wall decor. Displaying a large mirror or art creates a focal point to draw the eye.

Mirrors make a small entryway feel larger and reflect light while serving the space’s functionality to provide one last look before walking out the door.

Large-scale art creates balance above your entryway table while adding style and character to your small area.

Eye-Catching Focal Points

Pictured here Vintage Country Scenery Painting by North Prints.


Adding small pieces of art, stacked coffee table books and bowls show off your personal style. I love to style my entryway table with seasonal greenery in a evintage-inspired vase along with a collection of stacked books and decorative items, such as these marble links or a stone knot.

Incorporating baskets, decorative boxes, and bowls offers storage functionality without hindering your overall design.

Styling Decor I’m Loving

Pcitured here Target Threshold’s Linwood Upholstered Cube in Lightbrown Window Pane Brown.


The functionality of a well designed entry is just as important as style, so offering a seating option, small or large is ideal. Whether your space allows for a bench, a side chair, or only an ottoman, offering a place to put on your shoes or rest a purse is welcomed.

Cozy Seating Picks


Designing a welcoming entryway is one thing, but keeping it looking like the day it was created is another. Its no secret that a tidy home is the result of consistency when it comes to minding the clutter. Creating a daily routine when entering your home, will not only help keep your house in order, but help your mind and mood as well.

These are the steps I follow everyday when entering my home:

1.Hang up your coat and bag.

2.Place keys in their designated spot.

3.Store shoes in the closet or basket.

4.Return seasonal accessories to their cubbies.

5.Unpack any packages or mailed delivered, and dispose of their packaging.

Following these steps daily was a learning experience for not just myself, but also my family. However, it has kept the pile of mail from growing on the counter and the panic of lost keys when you are running late.

I hope this inspires you to create the functional, welcoming entryway your home deserves and encourages you to build a routine to keep your home organized.

If you are looking for more styling ideas, or would like to see the details of my entryway table build, I’ve saved them to a highlight on Instagram.

As always you can follow along with me on Instagram until next time!

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