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September 24, 2021

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Simple tips to add fall to your kitchen.

If you know me at all, you know that I love to decorate for the seasons. Whether I’m adding decor for a styled corner or creating a centerpiece for my island, I want to keep it simplistic and functional all the while making the most out of my display space.

Here are a few of my favorite fall styling tips for a kitchen.


Adding wood tones to your kitchen decor is a great way to bring warmth into a primarily utilitarian environment. Whether you are leaning stacked cutting boards against your backsplash or corraling your salt & pepper onto a wood riser, adding wood elements to your kitchen brings neutral texture to any vignette.

Using wooden cutting boards, risers and even spoons serve for beauty and function. Cutting boards can be used for a number of things around the kitchen besides the obvious, such as a base for your weekend charcuterie board or a tray to carry food to your dining area. Wood spoons are another great addition to your kitchen as they don’t scratch your pans while cooking and when they are not be used, they create a pretty display in a crock beside the stove.

Incorporate natural elements into your fall decor. Here are a few of my favorites…

Printable Art: North Prints


Incorporating Autumn’s color palette through art is a great way to refresh your kitchen for the current season. Display fall landscapes or sketches of harvested vegetables or fruits to embrace the season’s best qualities.

Printable vintage-inspired art is a cost-friendly way to update your kitchen every season without overhauling your entire decor. I love displaying my seasonal art stacked on the wall or as the backdrop to my shelf decor. The best part is at the end of each season you simply swap out your chosen art for a new print and you’ve instantly refreshed for the new season.

Scenes of the season. Take a look at these gorgeous autumnal prints…

Dried Limelight Hydragenas. Did you know you can dye them any color using fabric dye?


For an autumn look, choose faux or dried florals that display deep, warm hues of the season. Gathering a few merlot colored picks in a vase or muted orange-leafed branches in a vintage pot can make a room feel like fall.

For a cost-friendly option, take a walk outside and clip branches from your own trees. The wild and unruly nature of the backyard branches refresh your seasonal greenery.

Refresh your seasonal greenery with deep, warm hues.


Add interest to your styled kitchen counters with gold or brass accents. This detail acts as the jewelry. Whether your art prints are displayed in a antique gold frame or you keep brass salt and pepper grinders beside your stove, the warm metal balances so well with the autumnal tones.

Don’t have an antique frame? Do not fret. Use Rub n’Buff to bring new life to a black frame. Rub n’Buff can be found at your local craft supply store and comes in a variety of golden shades.

Bring interest with these warm metal accessories…

Mini pumpkins can be found at your local grocery store.


Gathering seaonally harvested fruit or vegetables brings the outside in and naturally incorporates the season’s color palette. I love having a bowl full of ripe pears or mini white heirlooom pumpkins sitting on my kitchen island.

But don’t worry if you are looking for a permanent solution, faux fruits and pumpkins have come a long way is quality. There are plenty of life-like versions to choose from.

Autumn approved bowl fillers.


I’ve styled a few of my favorite items to use in my kitchen for fall. You can shop coordinating displays or mix & match for the perfect fall look…

I love that by adding simple touches of fall you can easily change them out for each season while keeping your kitchen counters beautiful and functional.

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