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February 11, 2022

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The perfect night’s sleep…

is all in the details. I’m a firm believer that the little things can have the biggest impact. So, quality materials, a mix of textures, and a cohesive color palette are all important elements in designing a well-dressed bed.

There are so many ways to style a bed, but in this post, I’m sharing my step-by-step guide to making a bed that not only looks good but wears well.


Start by creating a breathable base. Crisp, soft sheets are the basis of comfort. After all, this layer will be closest to your body, so ensuring you have quality material that is soothing is important. I prefer organic cotton or washed linen, specifically the Casaluna or Hearth & Hand line by Target. Both of these materials wear well long after the first wash and are breathable to ensure temperature regulation throughout the night.

Styling Tip: Do not dry your sheets in the dryer, instead place your fitted sheet on your mattress while draping your top sheet over chairs to air dry. Turning your bedroom fan on will speed up the process. You’ll be left with crisp sheets that look as if they’ve been ironed and a room that smells divine! Once dry, place your top sheet on your bed, and be sure to tuck in along the sides as well to keep from your top bed layers bulging at the mattress’s edge.

Beautiful Basics


Layer a quilt or bed blanket over your sheets. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in texture. Depending on the season and outside temperature, consider a hand-stitched cashmere blend quilt or a waffle knit bed blanket. Layer a quilt or bed blanket over your sheets. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in texture. Depending on the season and outside temperature, consider a hand-stitched cashmere blend quilt or a waffle knit bed blanket. This adds a designer detail to elevate your sleep experience.

For a clean, classic look, create hospital corners at the foot of your bed by folding the end of your quilt like a present. Fold the top of the quilt down one-third of your bed, and tuck under the edge.

Styling Tip: Choose a darker color for this layer to ground your color palette. Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it is also practical. The darker color will incorporate color, and hide stains that may occur over time from oils produced by your skin.

Quality Quilts with Texture


Next, fold in soft inviting layers with a comforter or duvet. This layer adds volume to your bedding while offering warmth and coziness. Add texture by choosing a linen comforter or play with a subtle pattern with a block print duvet. I personally have and love the Heavy Weight Linen Blend Comforter by Casaluna. It’s the perfect weight year-round, and it can be laundered at home.

Styling Tip: Fold the top of your comforter down to the end of your bed, and then fold the top edge back up to meet the edge of your first fold. Doing so will reveal your bedding layer in thirds, creating dimension and contrast.

Designer-Like Comforters & Duvets


A soft place to rest your head is just as important as the layers of cozy you’ve just created. My go-to pillows are the cooling, gel-filled pillows from Amazon. They are perfect for all sleeping positions by offering support and are durable as they are comfortable. I prefer to stack two pillows on the bottom and then two shams on top to coordinate with your comforter or duvet. Repeating the color, texture, or subtle pattern creates an overall cohesive look.

Styling Tip: If your shams and pillowcases have loose ends, tuck the edge of the casings into the back of the sham for a clean, tucked-in look.

Plush Pillows & Coordinating Shams


Complete your look with throw pillows and a soft throw. Mixing and matching throw pillows add dimension and texture to your bedding. Whether you are adding seasonal colors with a pyramid of pillows or just a lumbar, your bed is sure to look refreshed with these simple touches.

For the final touch to elevate your bedding to that cozy, hotel-like feeling, incorporate a throw at the foot of your bed. Whether it is folded or draped across your bed, a throw blanket softens the look while offering functionality for cooler nights. I love to splurge on my throw blankets and opt for a more luxurious style, such as mohair or hand-knit.

Styling Tip: I created this look by layering three 24″ pillows, two 20″ pillows, and small a lumbar. I choose my floral patterned pillow first, then work in a coordinating geometric pattern, such as a windowpane or stripe in similar colors tones. To finish the combination, I like to add a solid pillow to balance out the small and large-scale patterns. A fool-proof recipe is a solid, a stripe, and a floral!

Adding Accents

Building a well-styled bed is all about layering. You can follow these basic steps of using quality materials, mixing textures, and working with a cohesive color palette to fit your personal design style.

Until next time, you can find daily DIYs and decor inspiration by following along with me on Instagram!

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