May 8, 2021

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It’s here! The Spring 2021 One Room Challenge has officially kicked off and I’m so excited to be a Guest Participant! For the next eight weeks I’ll be renovating a space in our Virginia Colonial, but which space am I tackling?

Woman in a farmhouse kitchen painting with food coloring on gluten-free, nut-free macarons at Christmas time.
I really should take a new picture…LOL!

In case you’re new here…Welcome! I’m Kristel, an elementary teacher turned SAHM that is now renovating our cookie-cutter colonial into our dream modern farmhouse.


The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event that happens in the Fall and in the Spring. Each round, design influencers are chosen as Featured Designers, and anyone else is welcome to join in on the eight-week journey! I’m excited to be participating for the first time as a Guest Participant.

The One Room Challenge isn’t a competition, but a way to celebrate and support DIYers as they share the process of completely transforming a space! I can’t wait to see what the designers + guest participants take on in their own homes this spring!


Truth be told, I had a really hard time choosing which space I wanted to makeover. Each time I renovate or refresh a space in my home, I like to create achievable updates that you can recreate in your own home. Sharing my knowledge on paint colors, wood working, DIY home decor is my main focus and the plans I have for each room of our home has a wide variety of those things.

My first thought was our Master Bedroom because it is usually the last space home owners update since they are the only ones that see it. Ours really needs some help, but that isn’t the room I chose.

Then, I contemplated our Master Bath. I wanted to show how cosmetic uplifts can completely transform a space. There wouldn’t be any tile removal or structural changes and our master bathroom has a typical layout with the large garden tub, standing shower, and that dreaded what-do-I-do-with-you nook in the wall! But that isn’t the space I’m choosing to transform.

Instead I chose our Powder Room, Half Bath, Water Closet…whatever you fancy to call it! Aesthetically this space looks complete, but there are several things that need to be addressed.


Sorry there’s nothing special or eye catching about this space at all! It’s your standard builder’s grade powder room.


  • This space must have storage. Currently, the only place to store bathroom necessities is an itty bitty basket on the back of the commode. This is not ideal. The toilet paper, extra hand soaps, bathroom linens, and cleaning supplies are all being stored in various places NOT in this room!
  • We need an area to put things. Guests use this bathroom and right now, besides the windowsill, there is absolutely nowhere to set “your things.” We’ve used the floor, the window sill, and the toilet seat to rest our coffee cups, phones, and purses. Not ideal so some sort of bench or counter space is needed.
  • We must have a bathroom vanity that is secure to the wall. This bathroom houses the dreaded pedestal sink. I’ll admit in my younger days, I loved the thought of a cute all-white pedestal sink. That love quickly died once our home actually had one! The basin is currently not attached to the pedestal. Every time I vacuum + mop in this bathroom the pedestal shifts, and I have to carefully line it back up with the basin. I half expect one day to walk in and see it lying on its side with cracked tiles all around.
  • This space needs an accessible towel rack. Currently, our towel rack is behind the door which is fine if you’re using the bathroom with the door closed, but every time my children walk in to wash hands there’s an issue. Half the time I end up scrubbing the walls and the door of watermarks.
  • We must have privacy. This bathroom has a single window that faces our neighbor’s home. From their master bathroom, you can see directly into our half bath to the toilet. How embarrassing! Shades or blinds are a must!
  • We need this room to be eye-catching. This room is nothing special. There are grey walls with a white sink and a cream-colored tile floor. This is on our main floor and all guests use this bathroom. I want to continue our Modern Farmhouse vibe into this room and make it a bit warmer + inviting instead of looking like we just moved in 3 months ago.


Here is the inspiration board for our Water Closet. The mix of natural wood, warm brass and wrought iron all bring in the finishings of a modern farmhouse.

I can’t wait to give you more details next week. Just know that I am excited to build the Half Bath, sharing my process with you along this eight week journey. My hope is you enjoy the ride with me and find some inspiration to transform a space in your own home. The touches I’m adding to this room can be used in many other places in a home!

Next week, I’ll be sharing more details, talk about the products I’ve collected, and give you an up-to-date progress shot! I’ll be transforming this space all by myself. If you are looking for more, follow along with me on Instagram. I’ll be giving daily updates, along with tips for DIY projects + ways to save money in your home throughout the week. There you’ll be able to see sneak peeks of the weekly progress in real-time! To follow along with the designers and other guest participants, check out #oneroomchallenge.

Until next time,


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