The Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2022


October 20, 2022

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It’s officially my favorite three months of the year. Though Halloween and Thanksgiving are still to come, all Christmas collections have been released and the holidays are on everyone’s minds. With the uncertainty of shipping delays and limited stock, now is the perfect time to plan and purchase your holiday decor, especially your Christmas tree!

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Christmas trees with the best quality, realistic features, and higher light count will sell quickly, and most are not restocked within the season.

With that being said I’ve collected my favorite trees for the season. You’ll find my top picks for Standard Christmas Trees, Extra Tall Christmas Trees, Flocked Trees, and Mini Trees.


  • Look for realistic features, such as real touch tips, and wired branches so you can create the desired fall or swoop of your tree branches. Instead of the large bushy branches, check out the up-close listing photographs to see if the tree has more artificial stem-like branches.
  • The number of lights. I find that the lower the price of the tree, the lower the number of lights strung on a pre-lit tree. You can always add your own strands of lights to your pre-lit tree to create a greater glow or add clip-on battery-operated candles for a classic Christmas look
  • Size & Spacing. Pay attention to any large holes appearing between layers of branches. The customer review photographs are a great resource. Also, take note of the distance between the floor and the bottom branches. Lesser quality trees will have a larger space here.
  • Diameter. The taper and bottom diameter of high-quality trees are always greater. A full bottom and a sparse top look more realistic.


Here are my top 9 picks for standard Christmas trees ranging from 6.5 feet to 9 feet in height. I’ve included trees I’ve had in the past as well as the one I purchased for our home this year!

  1. 90″ Artificial Spruce Christmas Tree $249.99
  2. 7′ Faux Norway Spruce $548
  3. 9′ Faux Spruce Tree $900
  4. 7′ Faux Pre-Lit Norway Spruce $698
  5. 108″ Lighted Artificial Fir Tree $299.99
  6. 7.5′ Onfleek ARtificial Fir Christmas Tree $409.99
  7. 8′ Artificial Christmas Tree $216.99
  8. 7.5′ Real Feel Artificial Christmas Tree $518.68
  9. 7.5′ Pre-Lit Artificial Traditional Christmas Tree $599


There’s something magical about a flocked tree. The idea of a winter white Christmas is something that everyone longs for. The dusting of fake snow has everyone singing Bing Crosby’s classic hit.

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A tip for choosing the right flocked Christmas tree is the location of the flocking. To achieve the most realistic look choose a tree that only has flocking on the tops of the branches as this is where snow would naturally rest if the tree were in nature.

  1. 9′ Snowy Faux Pine Tree $800
  2. 7.5′ Artificial Flocked Christmas Tree $799
  3. 7′ Snowy Faux Norway Spruce $598
  4. 90″ Lighted Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree $424.99
  5. 7.5′ Pre-Lit Flocked Aspen Fir $339.99
  6. 7.5′ Aspen Pine Flocked Tree $439.20
  7. 7′ Pre-Lit Upswept Flocked Full Balsam $350


Quite possibly the most popular trees this time of year as they’re so versatile. They sell out the quickest and are often not restocked within the season. So if you’re looking to add a mini tree or two to your collection, don’t wait!

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Mini trees are perfect for bringing a little holiday to your kitchen, coupling a few in multiple sizes on your front steps, or even using a pair to decorate a console table.

  1. 30″ Artificial Feathery Pine Tree $40
  2. 36″ Real Touch Faux Norfolk Pine Tree $78
  3. 14″ Faux Cedar Tabletop Tree $22
  4. 30″ Faux Snowy Pre-Lit Alpine Tabletop Tree $68
  5. 24″ Potted Faux Pine Tree $69.95
  6. 36″ Artificial Cedar Topiary Indoor/Outdoor Tree $63.88
  7. 30″ Faux Pre-Lit Alpine Tabletop Tree $68
  8. 24″ Mini Pine Christmas Tree $53.99
  9. 36″ Snowy Potted Pre-Lit Faux Tree $158

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