The Best Holiday Garland of 2022


October 18, 2022

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One of my favorite views is my mantel draped in garland during the holidays. Last year I attempted at having a live Christmas tree with the thought that I’d pick up fresh garland too, but it seems my love for running the fireplace turned our fresh tree into french fry status quickly!

So, since I couldn’t use real greenery for my mantel I went on the hunt for the perfect faux garland. However, finding a good garland that is realistic, full, and a decent length was a bit harder than expected. I purchased several different strands from a range of price points and tested them out.

My two favorite strands of garland are this Real Touch Norfolk Pine and this Faux Cedar seen here in the picture below! The Norfolk Pine has the perfect amount of drape to it, and the Faux Cedar is full and so realistic.

Though it seems more stores are carrying better quality garlands this year, the best will sell out long before Thanksgiving has passed.

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Garland is such a versatile piece of holiday decor, I tend to splurge more on it because it can be used in so many ways and for years to come.

  • Drape across your mantel. I swear by these 3M stickies and ties to keep mine in place.
  • Trail down your staircase. You can use these garland ties or grab a pack of felt pipe cleaners for attaching to your banister.
  • Use as a running centerpiece down your holiday dining table. I love nestling these affordable candlsticks throughout the sprigs.
  • Hang over your front door for a festive holiday entryway. These Command Cord bundlers are great for securing garland on your front porch.

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  1. 6′ Real Touch Norfolk Pine Garland $58
  2. 66″ Faux Cedar Greenery Garland $78
  3. 6′ Faux Cedar Garland $66.99
  4. 65″ Faux Cedar Garland Set of 2 $129
  5. 74″ Faux Hemlock Pine Pre-Lit Garland $129
  6. 6′ Faux Winter Evergreen Garland $118
  7. 6′ Cedar Pine Garland $56
  8. 72″ Faux Jasmine Garland $35
  9. 72″ Faux Juniper Garland $58
  10. 72″ Faux Pine Garland $68
  11. 72″ Faux Cedar Garland, Evergreen $68
  12. 10′ Cedar with Pinecones Seasonal Faux Garland $39.99

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